Company Profiles

Armstrong Chemtec Group
Armstrong Chemtec Group is a World Leader in Heat Transfer Engineering Technology and Manufacturing. We are a U.S.-based global technology company specializing in the design and manufacture of process heat transfer equipment. Our mission is to supply the best equipment available by stringent design backed by years of unsurpassed customer service

AWS Corporation is an engineering company based in the north of Italy, in Bergamo, since 2006.
Environmental engineering, flue gas treatment and pollution control is our daily bread.
Our product portfolio includes wet electrostatic precipitators, mist eliminators, tower internals, atomizing nozzles, and many other solutions aimed at addressing filtration challenges in each industry we serve.
Our technologies cover a wide range of industrial sectors. In fact, thanks to our international experience, we have had the opportunity to serve many different applications, each with its specific pollution issues.
We have been serving the Chlor-Alkali sector for many years, providing our FiberwindTM mist eliminators to purify gases generated in wet & dry chlorine lines, hydrogen line and tower internals for scrubbers and absorption towers.
Our value proposition is to offer customized solutions, including full commercial and technical support from the RFQ to the after-sales.
AWS is ISO 9001:2015 certified since 2011.

Georg Fischer DEKA GmbH
DEKA has been setting standards with piping systems made of high-performance materials for the chemical and petrochemical industries since 1960.
Whether corrosion-resistant or thermally stable, DEKA pipe systems are more than just plastic. Since 1960, the specialists have been reinventing the plastic pipe. From the preparation of materials according to our own formulas, via production and finishing to Europe’s largest high-rack warehouse for plastic piping systems. Whether PP, PE, PVC or high-performance thermoplastic, DEKA, which joined Georg Fischer in 1998, sets the standard.

Prince Rubber & Plastics Co., Inc.
With over 90 years specialized experience in Chlor Alkali, Prince Rubber produces high performance, innovative, replacement gaskets for Chlor Alkali Membrane and Diaphragm Cells; including with fluoroplastic protection for extended life and easy to seal designs. Related parts such as piping, hoses (elastomeric and fluoroplastic), and hose gaskets benefit users; where, by working directly with Prince, provide initial cost savings and longer more reliable product life.
Fluoroplastic hoses for Chlor Alkali cell connections can be provided with various connection systems, including Titanium and corrosion resistant thermoplastic fasteners.
Prince P-72 high temperature thermoplastic piping for all cell circuits, with notable special “Double Boos” design for reliable membrane cell headers.
Located in Buffalo, NY USA, Prince is experienced is selling our high quality and reliable products to Chlor Alkali users throughout the world.

R2 is a leading provider of intelligent analytical monitoring systems for electrolytic process safety, predictive maintenance, and optimization. With over 30 years of experience and expertise in information technology, artificial intelligence, and electrochemistry, R2 has consistently delivered innovative solutions for the unique challenges of electrolysis processes.
In addition to safeguarding electrolyzers from all technology providers, R2 has developed tools that bring intelligent solutions to the industry, including reducing unplanned shutdowns, maintenance costs, and energy consumption, as well as optimizing production parameters. As an industry 4.0-ready company, R2’s products and solutions can be seamlessly integrated into fully automated environments.
At R2, we don’t just monitor data – we transform it into fully actionable intelligence, delivering order-of-magnitude benefits to our customers.


STEULER-KCH is a worldwide leading full-service supplier of Industrial Linings and Equipment: research and development, consulting, engineering, design, manufacturing, project management, installation and supervision.
STEULER-KCH offers the right solutions for structures requiring reliable, long-lasting protection against corrosion and high chemical, thermal and mechanical stresses.
Fabricating plastic piping and process equipment chemical industry is our forte in our plastic lining division. We design, manufacture and install piping systems, vessels, process equipment and customized engineering solutions made from glass fibre-reinforced plastics (GRP), also with the thermoplastic linings (KERAVERIN®) and from KERA®, a reinforced phenolic resin casting material. Our materials are used wherever conventional materials are unsuitable due to insufficient durability.

TECNIUM – Casals Cardona Ind., S.A.
TECNIUM is specialized in handling corrosive fluids since 1957.
We provide for the sector:
– Process and storage tanks, reactors: brine (diluted and depleted), NaOH, NaOCl, HCl
– Process absorption and drying towers/scrubbers: chlorination, dechlorination, hypochlorite, Cl2 absorption and drying
– Replacing, revamping of existent equipments or parts
– Vertical and process plastic pumps for diluted salts, NaOH, NaOCl, HCl
– Plastic centrifugal fans for chlorine gases.
Materials of construction:
– Tanks and scrubbers: FRP, dual laminates, FRP lined PVC, C-PVC, PVDF, PE, PP, E-CTFE, FEP, PFA
– Pumps: PVDF, PE, PP, E-CTFE
– Fans: PVDF, PP, PVC, PE, FRP, Titanium, Hastelloy
Norms of design and calculation: EN-13121, ASME RTP-1, ASTM-3299, ASCE-07, ISO 2858
Standards of construction: EN-13121, ASME RTP-1, UIC DT 15, DVS, Client’s internal codes
Equipments for ATEX classified areas

Thyssenkrupp nucera AG & Co. KGaA
Thyssenkrupp nucera AG & Co. KGaA operates as a green hydrogen electrolysis technology company. The Company specializes in engineering, procurement, and construction of electrochemical plants and providing green hydrogen, chlor-alkali, and hydrochloric acid solutions. thyssenkrupp nucera serves clients worldwide.